Flame Hardening Services has provided Australian industry with specialised heat treatment services for over 50 years!

Over this period the flame hardening process has been evolving as new manufacturing technologies have become available.

Manual speed control utilising hydraulic drives have been replaced with inverter drives and more recently with AC servo-drives providing much improved control and process outcomes. Coupled with CNC repeatability and reliability has improved greatly over the years.

Coupled with innovation and process improvements flame hardening remains a cost effective solution still in demand for many engineering applications.

Quality, safety and environment

We run simple systems aimed at providing high levels of service and repeatability. We have reinvested in the business to improve levels of automation, reduce material handling and waste and to improve safety.

While our systems are not AS9001 certified they are designed to comply with the major requirements of this standard.

Time Frames

Our normal delivery for standard batch sizes (1-20) is 2-3 working days. For breakdown jobs requiring a shorter turnaround times a 25% surcharge applies.

Call us on 03 9568 8615 to discuss your project needs